About the Journal

Founded in 2020, TALES is an open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Community College of Baltimore County. The first issue was published in August of 2021.

TALES' primary goals are to publish original research articles that contribute to teaching and learning excellence.


Editor-in-Chief: Robin K. Minor, Associate Professor of Biology

Associate Editor: Jeremy Caplan, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies

Managing Editor: Michael D. Hands, Assistant Professor of Physical Science

Website Editor: Veronica Noone, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems

Graphic Designer: David Zobel, Associate Professor of Arts and Design


Dallas Dolan, Chair, Assistant Dean, Faculty Training and Development

Glenda Breaux, Senior Director, Planning, Research, and Evaluation

Rebekah de Wit, Director, Global Education

Jackie Dreja McTear, Senior Designer, Creative Services

Myron T. Strong, Editor,  Journal Traverse

Jamie Witman, Open Educational Practices Specialist, The Open Education Network